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Abdominal Supports
Ankle Support & Braces
Knee Supports & Braces

Toe Spreader

Relieves toe friction and irritation.Maintains toe alignment. Maintains toe ali 280.00 180.00 Add to cart

Sleeve Ankle & Foot Binder

365.00385.00 Select options

Silicon Gel Heel Cushion

Safe & redirects pressure from painful area Additional comfort & absorbs 1,355.00 1,255.00 Select options

Pro – Move

Special features: Fits in almost every shoe or any foot wear. Supports the foo 699.00 499.00 Select options

Insole With Gel Arch

Special Features: Complete foot support and comfort promoting correct posture a 1,295.00 1,195.00 Select options

Gel Toe Spreader – Single

Soft gel pad fits comfortably between the toes. Use for overlapping toes 699.00 195.00 Add to cart

Foot Drop Splint – Rt/Lt

H37 Insole With Gel Arch *: Measure Shoe size in centimetre Size S M L XL Inches 1,045.00 945.00 Select options

Cast Shoe

699.00 545.00 Select options

Bunion Night Splint – Right / Left

Indications: The splint is used for great toe alignment. Supports great toe an 699.00 585.00 Select options


699.00 235.00 Select options